North Reading/Andover area Online Yard Sale

This is a site for people in the North Reading/Andover area to post new or gently used (EUC - excellent used condition) items they no longer need or want at a yard sale price. This is NOT limited to baby and children's items.
Please be considerate.
Post the item description, price and location in your original post whenever possible.
When listing multiple items, please do it ALL in ONE post so as not to take over the whole page.
Only one bump a week.
Update or delete when sold.
Use common sense!!

I know a lot of sites have strict rules about only allowing people from the group's certain town(s) to post. I, personally, don't have a problem with surrounding towns as long as those posting who DO NOT live in the North Reading/Andover area understand that THEY are the ones who are expected to come to N.Reading/Andover. Please do not post and ask someone or expect someone to travel 15-20+ mins away for an item. That defeats the purpose.