You can post anything you would like to sell and sell l how you want but try to be fair. OBO - OR BEST OFFER ARE WELCOME We all want to make a little extra money. Trades are welcome to. Try to delete posts as you sale them, If someone says they are "Interested" but have a question, what's the harm and answering a question or two, not everything is black and white, and if they don't want it after you answer the question, then you pass it down to the next in line, 2 hours is as long as you HAVE to wait for someone if they say "Interested" and if you are interested you will make sure that person know you want and set up a time and place, when I want something I will bug that person til I know it's mine and we having a meeting time and place. SO THEY CAN MOVE TO THE NEXT PERSON !Please address me with any issue and DO NOT POST THEM ON THE SITE! ALL PERSONAL INFO NEEDS TO BE MADE THRU PERSONAL MESSAGES I DO NOT WANT TO SEE PHONE NUMBERS! I didn't make this site for drama! I will take care of things when needed to the best that I can! Please delete your items after they have been sold!