Queen Mary University of London Alumni Network - Pakistan

Welcome to Queen Mary, University of London's Pakistan alumni Facebook group!

The purpose of this group is to gather all QM Pakistan Alums on a single platform. We will be putting up regular updates from the University as having an informed alumni base is critical to the continued growth our institution. Once we have a good number of members on this group we will look into organizing an Alumni event locally.

I would also like to encourage all members who are joining to visit the QM Alumni page fill a profile form, and apply for the free quarterly publication and the QM Alumni card.

For the time being the regional office in Lahore, Pakistan will act as a local coordinator for events, however ideally we would want to form a proper alumni association in Pakistan operated and managed by QM alums (kindly review PDF in the 'Files' 'section).

I hope this platform will help us network with each other, share ideas and of course our experiences at Queen Mary. More importantly I hope we can jointly contribute towards the betterment of our country and also our institution, which on an individual level I am sure a lot of you are already doing.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Nabeel Vehra (n.vehra@qmul.ac.uk)