Clackamas County, Oregon Buy, Sale, or Trade Swap Site

Effective October 30, 2014

Welcome to the Clackamas County, Oregon: Buy, Sell, Trade or Swap Site. This site was created with the intention for people living in Clackamas County to get rid of items within their home that they no longer want or need.

1.) Your posting must clearly state the price you are asking for. Requests to contact you privately or through another site for details and/or pricing will result in deletion of the post and possibly being blocked from the site.
2.) Your posting must clearly state where you are located. You are welcome to sell items not located in Clackamas County however, you must physically meet the buyer in Clackamas County and cannot request they meet you elsewhere, nor can you charge extra for delivering.
3.) Posting of lost or found pets is ok, but please remove post as soon as the owners are reunited with their pets.
4.) Animal sales are allowed however, you must be willing to bring the animal to Clackamas County for the sales transaction and, you must be willing to stand behind your breed, meaning you will provide all proper documentation, and be willing to take the animal back if it does not work out. Spay/neuter contracts are also highly encouraged.

1. No Business / Hobby Listings (We have great respect for people with an entrepreneurial spirit but this page was not created for that). If you try to post a business / hobby listing you will automatically be banned from the site. Hobby items are considered something you make and then sell for a profit.
2. No Profanity, Bullying and/or any disrespectful comments. All comments will be deleted and may result in you being blocked from the site.
3. No Job postings. This page is strictly for the purchase of selling goods found within your home.
4. No redirecting to other pages, Facebook or otherwise to sell your items.
5. No selling of designer handbags.

Selling etiquette:
1. The first person who states they want your item is your buyer. Do not raise the price or skip on to someone else unless the buyer falls through.
2. Once you have sold your item, you have no say in what they do with it which may include reselling it on another site.

Buying etiquette:
1. If you say you want to buy something, you must follow through with the transaction. Failure to purchase or communicate will result in your removal of this site.
2. We cannot tell you what you can and cannot do with the item you purchase however, we will not allow you to re-post the item, asking for a higher price on this site. Failure to comply will result in being blocked.

If you have any concerns, comments or questions, please contact one of the Administrators: Heather Lynn, or Sabrina Paolo, and we will do our best to reply to you in a timely manner.