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Community Guidelines: Some simple rules to follow The purpose of this community is to encourage us Rwandans to share everything about us, our country and what we feel passionate about. It is a place for us to partake in the joy of being a Rwandan and face challenges together as one community. Participation is welcomed from Rwandans across the World and we encourage open and free discussion. However there are some simple rules to follow to make sure that all are given the chance to freely enjoy being a part of this FAMILY without being harassed, bullied or taken advantage of. Content:
As this community is an initiative by Rwandans for Rwandans, we suggest that topics outside of this realm not be posted on this community. Respect:
Treat your fellow Rwandans with the highest respect. Always remember that while our views on certain issues might be different in the end we are one family. No Promotions:
This extends to ads, self promotions or any kind of solicitation. No inappropriate content:
This is a family friendly community and as such, no vulgarity of any kind will be tolerated. Guard your personal information:
While we encourage people to interact with each other as the brothers and sisters we are through this community, in the interest of everyone's safety we recommend that members not reveal their personal information. Apart from the above mentioned. No illegal activity of any kind would be tolerated on this community. Thank you for reading.