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The rest is pretty self explanatory!



Si usted es nuevo en el grupo, por favor lea las reglas. Esto es un grupo de hablar solamente en inglés. Lo siento :( Gracias por su paciencia!

------- ABOUT THE GROUP -------

Post a picture of an unadvertised deal you saw in an isle, a scenario of how you saved big for your family and what coupons you used, or whatever your little heart desires, as long as it's Safeway related!

I started this page because frankly as most couponers do, you have one or two favorite, or "master' stores that you shop at more than any others. This the is the store(s) that you know wall to wall. The cashiers know your face and smile wondering how much you will be saving today. For me this store is Safeway.

I am a member of many couponing groups both on facebook and the net in general and have all the cool apps for the iPhone and so on, but sometimes on a busy week when life just...happens...I just want to make a trip to my local Safeway and find myself having to scroll through so many deals and scenarios from dozens or other stores to get a good one I might be able to work out while making my quick trip to Safeway. For this reason, I have started this page. So Welcome!!!

I myself and many couponers on this page are from the Salem Metro Area in Oregon, but it's open to all Safeway couponers alike.