Ashland,Ohio Garage Sale/Auctions

Please take a moment to READ THE GUIDELINES before participating... thank you!
Welcome to the
Ashland Ohio Garage Sale/Auctions ! Which means you can either Auction your item and highest bidder wins at ending time and day OR You can set a set price of what your asking.

**It is the Buyers responsibility to meet the seller at their choice location unless previously worked out.

**The administrator of this group is not responsible for any sale and cannot be held responsible for any transactions. All transactions are at your own risk. If you would like to participate in the Ashland Ohio Garage Sale/Auctions , you are responsible to handle your transactions in a proper manner and abide by these rules.**
This site is for YARD SALE CONTENT ONLY. Please DO NOT ADVERTISE your business or post products sold through your store/outlet. These posts will be deleted.
-Take a picture of your item for sale, post it on the group wall, and include any necessary information in the description of the item/photo.
-If you post an item and someone inquires about purchasing it, please consider them as "interested" and wait for them to pass before offering to next in line. This same thing applies to each person in line who inquires. Give each person 24 hours to pass before going onto the next in line. This will make it fair. If your sale is "best offer", give the first person in line a chance to match or better the offer.
- Be fair and share: please wait 24 hours before "BUMPING" your posted items, albums, videos to the top of the group wall. Every time a comment is posted under an item, the post returns back to the top of the page. For this reason, we ask that you limit commenting under posted items. Try using private message via facebook, chat, phone, text, email, etc., to contact other group members. General conversation is not permitted.
-Make sure you are going to hold up your end of the bid. NO DELETING BIDS!!
- Once an item has SOLD, please delete your posting. Find your item on the Photos page, click on your photo, select "Options" under the photo, then select "Remove Photo".
- If you are posting items from OUTSIDE THE TOWN OF Ashland, please print your town name along with the description of your posted item. If you do not, it is assumed that you live in Ashland.
- No foul language or abbreviated foul language.
- Please do not "flip" items on this site.

. If issues arise in a transaction, please try to work together to fix it.
**It is the Buyers responsibility to meet the seller at their choice location unless previously worked out.

Thank you for being honest, fair and abiding by Ashland Ohio Garage Sale/Auctions rules.