50 Shades of Summer

This group is about having lots of fun with friends this summer.
Here are 50 things that Susan and I plan on doing this summer. Will you join us in doing them?

1. Go tubing on a river, at a lake or in the ocean.
2. Have a bonfire at the beach.
3. Dance in the Rain.
4. Eat a whole watermelon...by yourself!
5 Get your ass to a waterfall...even the tiny ones are magical.
6. Eat guilt free for an entire day.
7. Wear a big brimmed hat and sunglasses and let your inner diva shine.
8. Lay under the stars with an awesome friend and talk about the meaning of life.
9. Go for a walk and totally be in the moment...don't take your cell phone!
10. Paint your nails crazy bright colors as often as possible.

11. Go to a corny movie.
12. Go out in a neighboring town and listen to 80's and 90's music during the drive.
13. Become a human water balloon.
14. Have a picnic at sunset on a beach.
15. Go to a drive-in movie.
16. Catch fireflies.
17. Sunbath topless.
18. Wear teal eyeshadow.
19. Plant a tree.
20. Skinny dip as much as possible.

21. Kiss a stranger.
22. Do yoga on a beach at sunrise.
23. Read a trashy beach novel.
24. Learn the Wabble Baby Wabble dance.
25. Wear a white dress with turquoise jewelery.
26. Get a makeover.
27. Go for a hike.
28. Camp in Port Hood and go to the beach all day.
29.Never pass up the opportunity to drink outside.
30. Have a burger and an alcoholic drink with a friend.

31.DYI cutoff jeans.
32.Two words...Roof. Party.
33.The more the merrier is an invitation to crash parties.
34.Make friendship bracelets.
35. Don't check your email or facebook for a whole day.
36.Play in the water at Columbus Field.
37. Bring someone flowers and without spending a dime.
38. Drink a slushy alcoholic drink
39. Wear a flower in your hair as much as possilbe.

40.When asked to go somewhere, being tired is not considered an excuse. Go Anyway!
41. Go to a farmers market and fill your house with local fresh flowers and produce.
42. When you see a dress you LOVE and think you can't pull it off, buy it and wear it anyway.
43. Be buried to your neck in the sand.
44. Go on an outdoor date with dinner...dance under the stars and don't spend a dime.
45. Go to a Victorian Pleasure Party/Sexy Girl Party.
46. Make a day out of Boyd's Fish & Chips.
47. Tell a lie and a secret and don't reveal which is which.
48. Make a tye-tyed t-shirt.
49. Drive in a convertible.
50. Open a bottle of champagne and make a toast to your life, exactly the way it is!

A few rules...take pictures and videos and post them when appropriate.
Complete them all before school starts .
You can do them in any order you want to BUT # 50 has to be the last one that you do!

Enjoy and have an awesome summer