Only Fluorite!!

This group was created for those who love all things Fluorite! Buy, sell, trade or post photos of your favorite specimens of Fluorite and associated minerals found at famous fluorite localities.

This group will be closely monitored and anyone not following the group rules will have their posts removed and repeat violators will be banned from the group.

Anyone posting spam will be banned permanently from the group.

**Rules for posting to the group**

* No links for EBay, Etsy or any other site are allowed.

* This group is for Fluorite items only! All specimens posted must be of fluorite or have fluorite on them, or be a mineral found at famous fluorite localities.

*"For sale items only". No Auctions.
You may also showcase person collection piece, but you must list as "NFS" Not For Sale.

*No more than 5 posts per day.

*All Mineral specimens must state, size, origin, treatment or preparation if any, or if all natural please state this, and repairs if any. If origin is not known, please state "Origin unknown".

*Each listing must be for one item only! Item being listed must be owned by, and in the possession of, the person posting, no brokering allowed.

*All listings must have more than one photo posted for the item. All photos should be uploaded to the group and placed in original post and not added in the comments. Photos should show all sides of the specimen for sale. All photos posted must be original photographs of the items taken by the seller. Photos cannot be re-post of photos taken from Ebay or any other site.

*No sharing of posts or photos is permitted without consent of the person who created the post. Reported offenders may be banned from the group.

*Group admin has final say on whether a post is appropriate fro the group.