Fort Drum Area Animals-Sell, Adoption, and Discussions/Questions

This group is for the selling and adopting of pets of all sizes and varieties. You also may ask questions or discuss topics related to animals, animal health or animal rights. The admins will not be held responsible for transactions made between people, or the conversations that are held here. ALL PETS SOLD ON THIS PAGE MUST BE IN GOOD HEALTH AND REASONABLY PRICED PLEASE.

Advertising for other groups, pet products or events, and services are permitted. All other posts attempting to sell will be deleted, and those responsible will be given three strikes before they are removed from the page.

Joining this group means you also accept and will follow these guidelines and rules:

1. Please be respectful to your peers. Any trouble makers will be removed after three warnings. Before you start a cyber fight, PM an admin, tag one in a post, or just walk away.

2. When someone is re homing their pet, it is their decision where the pet goes. It may be first come first serve, to the highest bidder, or whomever the owner sees fit.

3. Proper paperwork following the sale of an animal is important, especially if they have vet records or several forms of I.D. It may be in everyone's best interest if a written contract is made, and the proper files are copied and handed over with the pet during the point of sale.

4. There are many people on this site that can provide help in determining the cause of an injury or what action should be taken. But this advice must not be held over the recommendations of your local vet. Continue to follow the instructions of your veterinarian, and communicate any serious problems to them straight away.

5. When receiving a puppy it has to be 8 weeks old before coming into you home.

6. if you are selling an animal for a high price (over 50) it MUST have its shots or if it does not have shots, i do not want to see a dramatic price.

A little bout the admin:
Pamela Wolf: I have a 3 year old and two dogs ( year old border collie - Perseus and 2 year old black lab - Bella) I am currently going to college to become a vet tech through Penn Foster. I do not have all the answers but I do know a lot about animals. So if you prefer to talk to me about your issues that's fine. Just take a note that messaging might be harder to get to me because I don't look at my "other" mail much. A post will be easier. :) also, I am NOT a vet, meaning I cannot diagnose anything.