Game of Thrones Discussion Fan Page

Welcome to the group! This page is for discussing all things Go...T related! We discuss up to the current episode. To avoid spoilers for those not caught up, the current episodes will be discussed on one thread.

Any memes that will spoil the current episode, please do not post to the page. Write "spoiler in comments" and post the meme in the comments.

Please post ****SPOILER ALERT**** on anything that will ruin something for someone. Everyone is at different stages in GoT (not caught up on seasons or haven't read the books, etc). Please be respectful of those people and post ***SPOILER***.

HOWEVER, not all spoilers can be avoided. If you are bothered by anyone or anything on this page, please feel free to message Carie Lawrence. If this group isn't for you, please feel free to leave. We are here for FUN, NOT DRAMA.

Admins can delete posts at their discretion. No spamming. No advertising.

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