Twins And More (Ireland)

Firstly Please check out the Irish Multiples Births Association Page.
It is an amazing page with fantastic admin and members and a life line for any parent of Multiples.

This page had been de activated but ive been asked to re open it maybe with a view of a smaller group of people who maybe know each other a bit more and would like to share more personal things than with a group as large as the IMBA page.

What hope to offer support to each other and offer an outlet for parents of multiples to chit chat and discuss things that they may not feel comfortable discussing with their friends and family. Please respect that what is said on the page stays on the page. Its nice to be able to discuss things that only parents of multiples understand.

I must stress this is not a replacement page not intended to take one bit from the IMBA page .. if you are looking for me ---- i'm prob on that page if that makes sense.

All normal group rules apply ... share vent etc once all members respect each other and maybe ..... Unless asked for your opinion perhaps instead of upsetting someone with a comment you might just pass over it. :)

Always seek medical advice but feel free to share concerns re ailments. Remember not every child is the same and what works for one may not work for another ... also two symptomatic probs may turn out to be two totally different things.

Please feel free to contact any admin with any concerns XXX

Happy parenting !!!