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Swindon and surrounding areas, keeping it local.

Business are only allowed 2 TIME WEEKLY , NOT DUPLICATE

Please note all items purchased on this site is at the buyers risk. We take no responsibility for this. If you are unsure about an item listed here, please report to me or an administrator and the item will be removed as necessary.

If you have a problem with a buyer or seller then please pm a member of the admin team with the details. We operate a three strikes and your out policy.

Please post once a day per item (24 hours in a day) whether it is a picture or wall post.

Do not list alcohol, tobacco, or anything illegal, including any replica items, no sexual references, group referrals, tip runs, unless licensed. Or any other non-licensed work. No knives or weapons of any sort. Please delete any sold photos from the album and any double one's and then remove your post. Anyone seen bumping or any other ways of trying to move your post back to the top will have it removed, and repeat offenders will be removed from the group. Name and shaming , and bullying of any type is not tolerated Block the Admin and you will be barred for life.
Swearing/abusive attitude/being rude on the group wall will get you banned for life. and offenders off these rules will be removed from the group without any notice..