Welcome to 49ers FANS FOR LIFE, the largest fan-based 49ers FB page, approaching 100K members. Created in 2011 by a Long-Time and True Niner Faithful (Michael Miller), it is designed specifically for Niner Fans around the World to gather, bond, and cheer our team on. This group for Niner Fans only, With Rules of Conduct enforced daily by our excellent team of admins. Concerns, and post violations may be reported at any time by tagging admins below. The situation will be evaluated and dealt with accordingly:
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The Niners Organization is a classy one, so we will represent our NINERS with Class and Dignity. We will not discriminate members, if they are Niner Fans (age, nationality, geographical location, gender, etc.). Please keep the posts and comments clean, fun, informative, and respectful by following these rules. Failure to follow will get a warning, kicked out, and/or banned. Zero Tolerance (ZT) rules are subject to immediate “boot and ban”.
1.No Nudity or Sex act posts of any kind (ZT).
2.No Racist or Homophobic comments or posts (ZT). Use of the “N” word as “friend” will be admin discretion.
3.No personal attacks on members/their posts. Includes “Hater” “Fake Fan” or “Bandwagon”
4.No Blocking Admins. You have 24 hours to unblock after 1st public warning.
5.No Drug or Gang paraphernalia related posts.
6.No Advertising other FB groups or pages.
7.If you sell Niner items As a Business, you need admin permission before posting. Permission is at admin discretion.
8.If you sell ANY items (including tickets), DO NOT LIST PRICES in public. Prices and negotiations via text, call, or private messages ONLY.
9.Purchases from other members are done AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you are a victim of a scam, you need to report it to the authorities, as neither the admin group nor the page condone, or are affiliated with any transactions (unless personally endorsed by an admin).
10.Keep the posts Niners Football-Related. This is not a “bay area team” page. Refrain from posting bay area (or other sports) posts.
11.Other team bashing is allowed during the football season ONLY. Keep it to a minimum during the off-season.
12.Selfies and team rep pictures may be removed for the following reasons: Vulgarity, nudity/semi-nudity (guys or girls), trolling for dates, pulled off the web, too many inappropriate comments, causing fights, or insults on the post (admin discretion).