4A - Cat Rescue CrossPostings (4A-CRCP)

Action Against Animal Abuse (4A)

WELCOME to 4A - Cat Rescue Cr...ossPostings (4A-CRCP)

( our main group is here : www.facebook.com/groups/4A.org )

This open group has been set up like the 4A Rescue CrossPostings group, but specifically as a place where rescue groups and crossposters can post links to CATS that urgently need to be found a safe home.

If you have been added to the group and don't wish to be in it please accept our apologies and just click the 'Leave Group' button at the top right of the page.

Every cat that is safely rehomed as a result of a posted link on this group page will have made the group worthwhile.

The group is open to anybody who wishes to advertise a cat that urgently needs safe rehoming.

If anybody wants to offer one of these cats a 'forever' home, please contact the relevant rescue.

A full list of 4A groups with links can be found here at www.ActionAgainstAnimalAbuse.com/Invite.

Thanks. - Admin.