Cold Lake and Area Home and Small Business Advertising Page

This group is designed to help home based business, direct sales consultants and small business owners promote their business and what they do. We want small and local business to thrive but advertising can be pricey. Please read the rules and adhere to them. Those that do not follow the rules will be removed.

Those that do not own business can use this group to find things that they are looking for or get businesses to bring those items in for them.


1) You many only post your business or sales once a day. Please post on the all only. Do not create albums without permission.
2) You must have a legitmate business in Cold Lake or surrounding area.
3) No spamming the wall with fake or misleading products.
4) Please include a tag or link to your page or site so that people can find you.
5) Add your logo and contact info to the album to be found easier.
6) When advertising for your business please include the business name. Posts without names will be removed.