$800 Car Sales & Wanted Tasmania

Only Complete cars, utes, vans, suv's or 4wd's in Tasmania, so N...o talk of Wrecking or buying or selling of Parts & NO bikes, boats etc.
1. Suburb or Town in all Seller posts Not Hobart or nwc etc, Buyers want to know how far they have to travel to see the car.
General location is ok for Wanted posts.
2. Must state price ($800 or less) or $ value of your swap or trade.
3. Must state How Much Rego, in 3 mth rego period or needs pitting.
4. Any offers of less than half the asking price of a car at the time of the offer will be treated as Low-Balling & will get you blocked for a week.
5. NO REPEAT or MULTIPLE Posts for the same car - Instead please bump your previous post but not more than once in any 24 hr period.
6. NO DISRESPECT will be Tolerated.
7. Spammers, Scammers & Trolls will be Permanently Banned Without Warning.