Broughton And Brooklands, Items for Sale, Small Businesses And Skills Swap

Business, trades and services advertising. All welcome. Members if you need a job doing or need a trader, post your requirements on the wall and there's bound to be someone who can help!

Skills Swap ~ Times are hard, recession has bitten us all. We all need things to survive, jobs to be done. We all have skills and abilities to offer. This doesn't have to be just skilled trades or established businesses. So for example if a hairdresser wants to offer a family home haircuts and in return that family can offer a service of use to the hairdresser then no money need change hands and both jobs get done! If you are not a business or skilled trader, how about offering something you can do or enjoy doing - domestic services, car washing, dog walking, babysitting, gardening - the list is endless!

Items for Sale - Please feel free to post items you have for sale.

Lets support our local community!!

Feel free to add people from the local area only :)