2nd Time Around - Chesterfield Classifieds

Welcome to 2nd Time Around - Central VA Classifieds!
Just a few rules to cover:
-In your listing please try to include a general location and price of item. (location should be approx. 100 mile radius to Richmond)
-You may post up to 10 postings per 24 hour
-When item is SOLD, Please delete ad
-Any ad over 2 weeks old will be deleted, but you may re-post ad if needed
-Only inquire on items you intend to seriously purchase
-Any job/small business postings must be approved by admin
-Please be courteous and respectful, No foul language or rude remarks
-We will have ads from a wide area so they willl be viewed by many, we reserve the right to remove/delete any member not following these few rules or creating problems

Good Luck and HAVE FUN!!!