Express Bargains 24 Hours Gisborne

Terms and Conditions:

Seller - Make your descriptions of your items for sale are honest & accurate.

Once you have a buyer for your item/s, the seller has 24 hours to communicate to the buyer and make the appropriate postage, pick/up or drop off arrangements.

As the seller you may leave your goods posted within the group for sale until sold. When your goods are sold, be sure to take any pictures/descriptions down, or comment that item/s in question are sold.
If your goods are listed else where state by commenting 'listed else where'

If the buyer wastes the the sellers time, like wise, if the seller wastes the buyers time, admin may block you from the group. If you want to be a member of this group its because you agree to the terms and conditions.

If you have agreed to pick up your goods at a certain time, make sure you do honor your commitment to do so.
As the seller if you have arranged for the buyer to pick up make sure your home.

Buyer - As the buyer once you have committed to the sale of the item/s you have 24 hours to make the appropriate postage, pick/up or drop off arrangements with the seller.

Important: As the Buyer, DO NOT commit to a sale if you have NO intention of purchasing the item/s.
As the seller please have a price for your items before you post them up, I believe this will save all confusions and make for smoother transactions.

In this group Express Bargains 24 Hours Gisborne, we would like to get rid of all the time wasting, excuses and nonsense that you may find in other trading groups.

The seller does not want to have his/her time wasted, with last minute pick up excuses. If you are the buyer and you can't make pick up at the time agreed for what ever reason do the right thing and give plenty of notice, arrange another pick up time that suits both parties.

Our group prides itself in making the transactions between our members/sellers and buyers stress free, and easy. A seller does not want to know anything more, other than the appropriate details concerning the sale.

All members have rights to make a formal complaint to Admin if there is a dispute of any kind between members, for what ever reason or if there is a general complaint if you feel that you can't resolve it yourself contact admin here and we'll do our best to try and resolve it, all members deserve to be treated fairly.

If you do not agree with our terms and conditions so far, maybe this is not a group for you, and that's okay you need to feel comfortable. Feel free to ask questions. Will do our best to answer them.

Have fun and Happy Trading! =)