Forest and small businesses yard sale

This is a site for individuals who have yard sale items and small local business. *

Welcome to all new members that have been recently added. Please make sure to read the rules posted. We encourage individual sales and are business friendly, if you have a local business in the community or surrounding areas that can be physically visited by members on this site. Also, if you are performing a service such a snow removal, landscaping, in home nursing, etc. that is also allowable. If you have any questions, please ask the admin. before posting. We delete posts that are not acceptable and members. Thank you for your cooperation.

1.Individuals please take those wanting your items in order as they post. Remember being interested and saying you want it are two different things.
2. No more than 20 postings per day.
3. You may only bump each posting once per day.
4. Please delete your older postings ( more than 3 weeks) and sold items.
5.This site will only allow family friendly things. Please no body wraps, tattoos, guns, multi-level marketing, money lenders, etc. No crude language or gossiping about others or you will be removed immediately. If you have a problem with another seller pm them privately. Do not comment about them on here. Contact admin only after you have gone to them privately with no resolution.
6. All BUSINESSES must be local to Lynchburg, Forest or local surrounding areas. We are having to also request NO PARTY PLAN based businesses or catalog sales as it is taking over the site. No posts for on-line companies will be allowed. *Must be a local business that can be visited by all at a place of business.

We will add more info as needed.