Cameroonians in Thailand Forum (CTF)

Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome on board this forum of Cameroonians in Thailand. It is just a means of faster communication for us who are in this foreign country as regards to job opportunities and any information that you might want to pass on to your fellow Cameroonians.

The forum is about job opportunities and other aspects affecting our stay here in the land of Smiles-Thailand. Therefore any other unrelated threads (including ads) would be deleted as from today henceforth.
But to keep you appraised about happenings in Cameroon and elsewhere, we will post some sites (under files) you can always visit at your discretion.
Your thread(s) and or comment(s) MUST be in any of the THREE languages ONLY-English, French and of course our local parlance-pidgin
We implore you to exhibit a high sense of professionalism, maturity and judgment when writing a thread or commenting on one
If you are not the originator of the information you are about to post, please do well to double check its veracity before posting
NO FOUL, OFFENSIVE or SWEARING language will be tolerated
DEFAULTERS will receive 3 warnings; after which they will be banned from the forum
You will be banned without prior warning for RACIST and or SEXIEST threads/comments
We are looking forward to having an awesome/informative time with you on board