Bristol/Bluff City,TN Online Yard Sale

Sell anything you like so long as it is appropriate! Have fun, make $, buy things you want! Please go in order by the person that comments first NOT by the person that PMs you first this is only fair, the buyer must say interested, want, etc not just ask sizes or prices to be considered first in line, Give them 24 hrs and move on to the next person interested you may choose to hold an item for someone but lets not make it for longer than 48 hrs cause that person may bail and you may loose the sell to others that were interested. DO NOT screw people over. If I find out you are a no call no show over 2 times you will be deleted & banned, there is no sense in having someone waste their gas as expensive as it is and then you not show up to buy the merchandise. If you can't show let them know you can not make it before the time you are supposed to meet. Keep it drama free not arguing or cursing keep that in your private messages and if you need anything message me. Bumping is limited to once a day. Please try to post your items in an album so it doesn't take up so much space with description, sizes and prices. Do not delete your item until you have cash in hand and item is buyers hands after that please mark it sold or delete it! NO ADS unless you message me and I approve it's ok to post. ADS such as weight loss, work from home, avon, mary kay. You may sell you avon or mary kay as long as it is your own person items you have purchased and no longer want. Only ADS for local business are aloud. Do not keep posting the same items over and over you may bump your items or album to get it back to the top of the page. Click on the search magnifying glass and type in your name all your post will come up and just comment bump on them, it saves a lot of room of the page for other members items. I will delete items or albums if there are more than one of the same without warning. I approve all members and all post, if your post was not approved there is a reason why and if you would like to know that reason feel free to PM me and ask why and I will tell you and explain. If you have any other questions or complaints feel free to contact me by PM or tag me in a post or make a post and tag myself Brandi Strouth Patrick in it. Thanks and enjoy!
Admin: Brandi Strouth Patrick