Aston Villa FC Fans Forum

Aston Villa FC Fans Forum- (5/8/2013)

At the moment this forum is still small due to the fact it has been recently created.

Joking around is tolerated on the forum but anything to do with racism and harmful comments towards other members or anything about family members will not be tolerated will be warned but if the offender continues then that person will be removed from the forum and will be banned.

If there is any problems with a member or unsure what to say then please message the admin.

This group is for Aston Villa Fan's to have there say on our club, manager , home and away matches but try and keep it villa related.

Villa fan's have your say about your team and have friendly banter with other members


Forum Rules:-

-Swearing is allowed but try and keep it cool

-No promoting other sites unless its allowed by the admin

- No bullying/abusing other members

If any member break any of these rules action will be taken on that member

Please enjoy the forum :)