Incirlik AB Turkey been there done that

This group is for people who have spent a part of their life in one of the best spots on the Earth. Incirlik Air Base has been called many things since it was first used by the United States, but those of us who have spent time there called it one of the best kept secrets.

We welcome all users from Adana and Incirlik Village, you are free to post as many pictures as you'd like, as many of us haven't been in Turkey for decades.

Remember OPSEC, be aware there are still people stationed there, we don't need to provide any information about the mission to our enemies.

All group members must be approved by an admin, this is an effort to reduce the spam. If you ask to join and have nothing on your timeline to suggest you were military stationed at Incirlik, you WILL NOT be approved. You WILL NOT be allowed to join the group of your profile is only a few hours old, has 100 pictures of an iPhone or Arabic writing ... because YOU just might be a spammer (read that with a Jeff Foxworthy voice).

No advertisements ... the post and poster will be removed, and banned from the group.