Botswana Congress Party - BCP

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) remains the only hope for democracy sensibility credibility stability and a brighter future for Botswana. It was formed in 1998 to provide a credible alternative to the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) that has been in power since independence in 1966. The BCP serves to provide the electorates with a modern party based on social democratic principles. Presently BCP has demonstrated that it’s the only alternative to the BDP’s misrule characterized by nepotism, autocracy corruption and arrogance. This has resonated well with majority of the electorates who are flocking to the BCP en mass which clearly demonstrates that the BCP is the fastest growing party in Botswana and continues to have greater appeal among the electorate especially the youth who continue to be sidelined in decision making. 2004-2009 BCP with its single MP has kept the BDP in check though it’s not enough we as the BCP want to rule so that we can easily implement our grand and credible policies NOT NAMOLOLEUBA the only known and failed BDP policies. 2009 Elections has come and gone, the growth of BCP has shown that we should have hope and faith for 2014. BCP has managed to increase its MP’s from 1 MP to 5 Mps a tremendous improvement and more council seats country wide. Finally while BDP and BNF remain embroiled in factional fights its high time the electorate save our democracy by voting the BCP en mass comes 2014. Surely BNF has died a slow death and it’s the end. Visit the party’s website at or join at