Against being f**** by banks and the financial system? Let us storm themn!

So guys... We know what is happening in the worldwide financial system. We also know that we do not want to support this system any longer.... We complain, but we should ACT.


1.) get 10 miilion likes in 100 days.
2.) set a sign.

We do NOT want to ruin or block the system, but we want to show the system, that we - the people - do not agree any longer with what they are doing.


3 steps to set a sign:

1.) Like this group
2.) translate into your language and share / spread
3.) on June 27th 2013 (in 100 days from today) do the following: take EUR 10 at 18:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time, i.e. GMT +2) from your ATM
4.) post here (and send photos of eventual queues or ATMs out of order)
5.) transfer on June 27th 2013 the amount of EUR 3,14 (i.e. PI - in other currencies use your local currency, just to have PI transferred) by bank transfer to someone (best would be a charity donation of your choice)

Note to politicians or similar: this is OUR idea! Do not commit any ambush marketing on it - you will be posted here....

Let us see, what we, the people, can do!
Hopefully this will create at least a peaceful discussion and be a small step set by women an men towards a giant leap of change for mankind!