Corps Security Alpha Babes

★ Corps Security Alpha Babes ★

Corps Security Alpha Babes is the official group to support USA Today Bestselling Author Harper Sloan.

We are here to have fun, talk about Harper's books, characters, and to share the love.

Here's a little bit of info about our awesome Alpha Babes group-

★ What Harper posts in here STAYS IN HERE! We are lucky enough that to have this group and at times you will see teasers, updates, and giveaways that are exclusive to the group. If it's okay to share, then Harper will tell you BUT feel free to ask to make sure first.

★ No spamming, self-promotion or promotion of other authors or blogs. This is a strict no spam zone. Spam or promotions will be deleted and you will be removed. There are times I will randomly post a "BLOGGER SHOUT OUT" and that is when you can promote your blog in that thread ONLY.

★ If you see something or someone and it reminds you of Harper, her characters or scenes from her books then feel free to share it!

★ If you see a contest including one of Harper’s characters it’s ok to share it, but please see if someone else has posted it first. Any duplicate posts will be deleted. Same goes for pimp your street team or author posts.

★ Have fun! Make friends with your fellow Corps Security lovers. We’re all here because we love Harper and her books and want to support her and let everyone know how fabulous, and weird, she really is!

★ If you ever have any issues within the group PLEASE Email Harper at! I will do whatever I can to help and resolve any problems.