Bill's Muhfckn Bronco Build

The idea is to take a 4x4 bronco and redesign it too be a daily driver thats 2x4, gets 20 some mpg, is slammed and still be a fun v8 with modern amenities.

A lot of people are wanting to customize their ford truck and broncos drive line/suspension and are interchanging ford factory components to do so.

I have a 1999 Lincoln Town Car that is a solid driver. I'm gonna strip the body parts to resale, unbolt the body and cut it off the frame leaving a Lincoln 4.6 auto rolling chassis with air ride suspension and complete wiring harness/fuel system. The 1979 bronco body and some interior parts will be placed on the readjusted car frame. If all goes as planed I'll reuse the complete Lincoln dash with all the modern electronics too.

This project has just begun and I'll be posting updates as I'm working on it over the next year!