Georgia Jeepers

This is a christian based group based in faith and grace of the Lord and Savior.
Please visit our website at and Our Home Facebook page "Georgia Jeepers"
Posting of Jeep pictures and owners, Trail Ride events and pictures, Meet n Greet events and Benefit rides and pictures for Jeep owners in Metro Atlanta and beyond!Jeepers, here it is plain and simple, Georgia Jeepers is a Christian based jeep club / group. Every time we accept new members I send a link to our home web and group page which shows we are Christian based. If you don't believe in God, Jesus, or the word Christian, you don't have to leave or not be apart of us, But being that you know that we are a Christian based club if you see a post about Christ, or us saying that we will pray for you, freedom of speech or not, it's not your place to bash it, and Christians, it's not our place to bash others that don't believe. If you feel that this club of Jeepers is not what you want to be apart of, go to friends click on our page and hit delete. If you choose to stay with us "which I hope you do" please have the respect to respond in a positive manner on post. " - founder: Tommy Cope