Young Stroke Survivors

A group for stroke survivors under the age of 55 to connect to other stroke survivors. Meet others/share stories/whatever you want to use it for. You don't have to still be under 55, just 'young' when you had the stroke.


Please remember not to post something you don't want to share. The group & admins cannot be held responsible for your actions. The admins look after this group on a voluntary basis & have their own lives & jobs, receive no money for this task, so please respect them, each other and the 'rules' listed in this pinned post. Illegal activity cannot be condoned by the group. Posts will be deleted accordingly.

This is a closed group to allow anyone to make contact with other stroke affected 'young' people (survivors, carers, etc.). Please don't reveal information that you don't want to share with other members. If you want to have a private discussion with one of the group, contact them directly.

When you request to join, we will check your profile to ensure you aren't a spammer. If it looks like you are, you won't be added. If you want to join just to spam our members, don't. You'll be removed as soon as you post, along with the offending post. This is not a group for selling your wares (stroke/disability related items will be treated at the discretion of admins). Defamatory & hurtful comments will be removed & you may be removed as a member. Unless you are raising money for a stroke charity, please don't ask for sponsorships.
As a global group, we'd appreciate no religious or political discussions. Many different religions/non religious people within this group. Please note that as a young stroke survivors group, there may be under 18's in this group, so please avoid items that could cause offense to younger people. Admins reserve the right to delete posts.

The information provided by Young Stroke Survivours (YSS) is not intended nor recommended as a substitute for professional medical advice, is for general information only, and is designed to support, nor replace, the relationship that exists between you and your physician.


Always talk with your doctor if you have questions about your symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Participants must use their own discretion before making any decisions based on the information obtained through the YSS group.
YSS will not compensate participants in any way whatsoever if they suffer a loss/inconvenience/damage because of/while making use of YSS or information obtained through YSS.
YSS cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. YSS cannot be responsible for any loss, damage or expense that might be caused by any action, or lack thereof, that a person might take as a result of using and participating in YSS group. Responsibility for such actions, or lack of actions, remains with the user concerned.

Thanks for your support.