FXR / FXLR / FXRC / FXRD / FXRP / FXRS / FXRT - Harley Davidson

This page is only about FXR models and their variants produced from 1982-1994 and 1999-2000 CVO models.
If you are not familiar with this model google it to find out the history.If you own one, want to find one, want to learn about them, want to help others that own them with technical advice or need technical advice about them then you are WELCOME to join and enjoy the page.
This page is not about bashing other models or to Showa disinterest in other models, this page is all about the love we have for our FXR's period.
ALL posts are to be FXR related only.
Pictures of other models will be deleted.
Thank you and enjoy this page .