Newcastle GS Service Unit

This page is used to inform every member of the Newcastle Service Unit what is happening with Girl Scouts in Newcastle and the adjacent service units and councils. The Service Unit is comprised of every registered Girl Scout in Newcastle including the parents/guardians of each girl. We follow the Girl Scout Promise and Law at all times. The current Service Unit Team is: Service Unit Manager-Paula Mendenhall, Equipment Checkout-Becky Wolf, Fall Product Sales Chair & Cookie Sale Chair-Jamie Beastrom, Recruitment-Everyone, Secretary-vacant, Program/Events Chair-vacant, GSMW Facilitators-Becky Wolf, Paula Mendenhall, United Fund Representative-Paula Mendenhall & Aimee Simmons, Community Development Manager-Laura Sundstrom (Gillette), Community Development Director-Angela Kay (Casper)

We meet on the second Monday every month at the Fountain Inn in the dining room at 6:00pm. Every registered Girl Scout and their parents are invited to attend to learn more about what is happening with Girl Scouts in Newcastle.