Antigua Barbuda Seafood

John Watt and Eli Fuller have decided to organize first ever jigging and chunking tournament on September 27th. The rules of this tournament are simple.
-Each boat may start fishing at sunrise and must finish in time to be back at Waterfront Bar and Grill by 4pm.
-The fishing area will be limited to two FADs & coordinates will be given on Friday to all registered entrants.
-registration is $250
-a compete crew list must be given to Eli via email before you leave port.
-Only jigging and chunking is permitted. You may use live or cut bait, but you must catch bait only by jigging. All fishing must be done with rod and reel with lines no more than 80lb test.
- no fish under 10lbs will be counted.
-there will be two prizes. Most poundage and largest tuna. Fresh fish will be available and the waterfront will have food and drinks! Eli +1 268 725 7263 John 7251170