PLEASE read site rules as this is getting very annoying, no sunglasses, counterfeit good, cigarettes or animals, no sale of anything in an illicit manner. bumping is NOT allowed everyday and by putting a comment or sfs it does the same thing this is not fair to new posts. If you do the latest post will be removed without any notice, If someone interested in an item and then somebody offers you more this is not allowed this is not an auction site. If you have a lot of posts please do NOT bump all at once as again it is not fair on new posts, if this continues after Admin asking numerous times, all posts will have to be passed by admin which will make it a lot more work than it already is, and having to explain ourselves time and time again! Also NO NO NO to business or trade or selling joblots of any sort without admins approval, this is not a free advertising site when putting up a post please include photo price & size.if you continue to ignore this your post will be removed without any notice and possible removed from group Also check 'other folders' when looking for messages. PLEASE PUT SOLD SO WE CAN REMOVE POST ASWELL THANK YOU