JET Kinderland

"Joyous, Excel & Talents" is the philosophy delivered by JET Kinderland for your child; it is a learning experience with the right head start. JET KINDERLAND is managed by a team of dynamic and dedicated professionals with vast experiences in the pre-school educational industry. With our 8 centres strategically located on the island, we are committed to deliver a stimulating, conducive and dynamic learning environment to your child. At JET, your child will have a quality day every day.

"欢喜学习, 精益求精, 培育人才" 是杰明幼儿园对您孩子的承诺, 也是孩童们学习的明智开始. 杰明是由一群充满活力, 有幹劲又热衷于学前教育工作的专业人士所发起及领导. 累积多年的学前教育工作经验, 杰明至今拥有8间坐落在槟岛的分园. 我们同心一意的尽最大的努力, 提供优质的学前教育及学习环境, 并把我们的爱奉献给孩童们.