Casablanca/Anzio Acres Neighborhood Page

This group is only for current residents of Casablanca/Anzio Acres. If you are not a current resident, please don't send a request to join. Once you request to join, you will receive an email from one of the Admins to verify some information. If you don't reply or don't verify, you will not be added to the group, so please check your "others" folder. If you don't have a profile picture or if your page looks "fake" you will be denied.

This group was created for residents so that we can offer each other support and keep each other informed of what's going on in our neighborhood.

Please feel free to add anyone that you know that lives in our area. If you add someone, please email one of the Admins so that we know that you are adding them and they won't have to wait to receive an email from us to verify.

No Drama Please!!!!! We are all adults so let's act like it! We need to work together to make sure that our community is safe and that we all are aware of what's going on. If you have any problems or concerns, email one of the Admins and we will try to get the issue resolved.