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ONLY Food/Fitness/Health related support!!

Anything not related to the above may be deleted and you could be removed from the group without warning.

*If you sell or advertise Anything in the group you WILL BE removed without warning and the post will be deleted. This includes asking people to vote for you. Don't Do It, It's Annoying!! Save those posts for your own personal page.

For those of you with Meal Plans:
No one is to send the Meal plans on to anyone. Each meal plan is marked with an Item number and I get notified of this. If you want real results part of that process is INVESTING IN YOURSELF. I've given away so many Meal Plans to people who have fallen on hard times, all I ask is they complete the meal plan. What happens is they don't follow through and I never hear from them again. Because they had absolutely Nothing Invested. So Invest in yourself and you'll reap the rewards.

Any posts or comments deemed disrespectful (at Admins discretion) will be deleted immediately and the member will be removed. No Exceptions!!

Anyone that is caught speaking badly of me or my team in this forum or anywhere else will be removed- No Exceptions!!

Admins have the right to Remove Anyone without Warning. These Rules are in place so we have a FUN-INFORMATIVE Group.

**No posting about your personal business, fanpage,blog,forum or competition you are in where you need votes. If you do you will be removed as this is NOT an advertisement board. This includes other Beachbody Coaches announcing and or Messaging their services or challenges they have going on to Anyone in the group. Nobody wants to be harassed. Keep those posts on your personal page.

If ANYONE solicits their services through private messages to members of the group I will be notified and you will be removed without notice.

Because the Meal Plans are a Downloadable E-Book there will be No Refunds or Exchanges of any kind.

NO Attitudes/Negativity or put downs towards anyone will be tolerated. You will be removed IMMEDIATELY as I will not tolerate this on any level. This forum is for HELP and ongoing SUPPORT.

If you have enquiries relating to payments or charges, download problems, or admin concerns these need to be directed to

Please keep forum positive, support each other and remember we are all here for the same purpose!!

Join in the Fun: Meal Plans and Other info about the group can be found at