East Texans Paying It Forward


Pay It Forward.
We have all, at one time, had something done for us out of kindness. It's time to return the favor!!

There will be no advertising in this group unless you are giving something away for free!!

Items posted must be FREE!!

This group is about helping one another. Being a true community. If you see a neighbor in need, as simple as an elderly person needing their lawn mowed or a trip to the grocery store, babysitting, etc.

Please do NOT expect anything in return.

"Love thy neighbor"

This can be an item or service that someone actually needs. Sometimes, just someone to understand. There is no good deed to big or too small to be met.

There will be ZERO tolerence for those found to be trying to take advantage of others kindness.

I would like to thank those who know who they our for the inspiration for this group in our area.