Belper Sports Vs Belper Town Reunion Game

The plan is.. Sometime in the near future we will play a "friendly" game of football that will hopefully lead to us having a reunion match on the same date every year. The game will be played for the David Dring cup. As most of you know David sadly past away and was Belper sports manager at the peak of our rivalry, so I think it's fitting that we give him that honour. After the games finished we can all head down to the George and dragon. Have some snap that will be put on. And all get merry! And talk about how town believed they were the better team for 90 minutes.. But as always sports won.

I hope you'll all get behind the idea.. And make it so once a year we can all meet up and bring back the rivalry we all loved so much!

We need a date though ? Drop some suggestions and we can try and pick a date suited to everyone.

All updates will now be posted in this group. So any suggestions share away!