Event Workforce University of Queensland

Welcome to the official Event Workforce University of Queensland Facebook Group

Event Workforce wants to take the luck out of finding work experience. The recruitment system in place is designed to provide as many students as possible with temporary event work opportunities. Whether your motive is for a quick taste of the industry or you see it as an opportunity to springboard your career. Event Workforce is here to help!

Immediately after staff have worked their FIRST event with EW (it can be either paid work or a voluntary shift) they will gain access to the EW Academy! An exclusive online portal for students to access a number of industry specific resources including:
• Access to your their own portfolio of events worked and specific event debriefs; essentially building their online resume of events and experiences.
• On-line interviews with industry professionals
• Case studies and interviews with past Event Workforce staff
• A jobs board advertising upcoming internship opportunities
• Resume templates and job application tips and hints
• Feature articles on staff in our monthly E-News sent to all industry contacts
• Letters of reference upon request

Please note:
We are here to help students gain real industry experience and network within their own university. We encourage all our members to actively contribute to conversations in this group, providing they correlate to Event Workforce in some way.

Any members looking to promote volunteer opportunities or events unrelated to Event Workforce please email your request through to brad.king@event-workforce.com.au to discuss further.