Real ways to make money online

Hi! My name is Alex Fil. And here is my story.
I always wanted to quit my job from 9-5, cause I have a passion to travel and I have a dream to see whole world. I’m living in Russia and I had not so big salary at university where I worked as technical stuff.

I’ve read a tons of books and guides about money online, i’ve
bought different digital products. My way to success was very long, I have done a lot of mistakes in internet money making. It’s not so easy business as advertisers tell us each day. I spent a thousand dollars and a three years to make my first dollar online. It was realy cool feeling, to start make money! Just imagine this feeling then somethings is starting to be as you wanted after years without any result.

Now I have a lot of free time to travel and to spend a time with my girl. Now I know that money is not a purpose, just the way to freedom.