"Jesus, The Bible Gospel and Isah, Al-Qura'an Original Torah"

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1.) No trolling or baiting.
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3.) Be open-minded, you may disagree agreeably. Bad mouthing other forum members and engaging into a flame war will bring you trouble with the moderators or administrator.
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7.) No impersonating.
8.) No heckling or harrasments. As believers or as mature ondividuals we should communicate in a mature and gentlemanly, polite or courteous manner or be subject to editing and even ban.
9.) No posting in all caps.
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11.) Make sure your posts are relevant.
12.) All edited pictures without proof are not allowed.

By Admin: Lumer Yasin Saber

Please just respect follwing Rules.

1)please no name calling,racism,rude language,personal attacks,video clip answers and long answers.

2)don't profane the name of Muhammad saw and Jesus Christ.

3)please allow each other to respond.

4)please no devotional material bcz this is a page for debate

5) please no insult and personal attack