Cedarburg/Grafton Items for Sale

This group page was created to bring a buyer and a seller together! One's junk is another treasure!

*Please no arguing, drama or negative posts of any kind
*No Scams* Posts will be deleted. *
*NO Drug, Alcohol or Tobacco related products, or paraphernalia allowed.
*NO advertising other groups of any kind here within this group.
*NO SPAMMING the group with Weight Loss or work from home ads.

*FAKES: Purses, clothing etc....If you are selling a knock off and not an authentic designer item you MUST say so. . If you are selling look a likes and you sell it as real you will be reported and deleted out of the group permanently. No tolerance. Be honest folks.

*Bumping or commenting to bring your items back to the front page is only allowed once every 4 days, or your posts will be deleted. Trying to keep it fair, for all the members.

*Your items should be nice and clean and in good selling condition, if it is not post otherwise so no one is mislead.

*Please be fair and treat others with respect. The first person that responds to your ad should have the first option to purchase it.

*Please Invite your local friends by clicking the **ADD FRIENDS TO GROUP BUTTON**

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■Images of weapons are generally acceptable, as long as the weapon is not pointed directly at the user.
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Federal laws are very clear on fire arm purchases. A background check must be done before the purchase or transfer of firearms.

*This is a community share local info page... ***Share your items you have to sell, trade or if you are looking for something to buy please post it here. Locals only listed in the areas near and around to the ones posted in group name may post here.

Group creator/admins does not expect or take commissions in any form and assumes no responsibility whatsoever with any and all items sold or offered. Complaints with any and all items offered or sold shall be the sole responsibility of the seller. Admins will remove any identified fraudulent offer(s)/deal(s) and the member(s) responsible for such offer(s)/deal(s).