Cause of Canonization of JRR Tolkien

I found that there are a lot of people who consider professor Tolkien a Saint. Why, then, don't we ask for the cause of beatification and canonization of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien?

A Saint is a human being who has fullfilled the universal call to holiness. Anyone in Heaven is, in the technical sense, a Saint, since they are completely purified and holy. There are many people believed to be in Heaven who have not been formally declared as Saints. But a formal declaration will authorize Catholc faithfuls to look at him as a model, and to pray him as intercessor.

The bishop of the diocese in which the person whose beatification is being requested died is responsible for beginning the investigation. Thus, we wrote to Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth.

The Bishop answered that although Bournemouth, the city in which JRR Tolkien died, belongs to his diocese, he lived for the greatest part of his life in Oxford, Archdiocese of Birmingham. He suggested to approach Archbishop Bernard Longley with our proposal, said he would be supportive of it and assured his prayers.

We wrote to Bishop Longely and are waiting for an answer.