NAREP for Restoration in Zambia

Forum rules: We neither condone nor endorse hate and tribal politics in NAREP. Any such posts will be deleted without question. We reserve the right to ban repeat offenders. This forum is a NAREP forum and we respect the values of our party. We respect and value all languages spoken in Zambia, with each grouping well represented in NAREP. Each member is valued on merit. We welcome objective and productive contributions from everyone, regardless of political affiliation

ABOUT NAREP (National Restoration Party of Zambia)
Our motto " Heart for the people" Reflects our commitment to keeping people permanently at the centre of our concern. We believe quality leadership should be based on values that support the attainment of hardwork, creative and morally upright society. We belive that such a society will form the basis upon which people can realise their natural,God given potential. Our values are Excellence, Integrity, Responsibility, Service, Equity, Humility, Commitment, Sense of communmity. Our aim is to restore value based politics in Zambia by transforming the mindset of our citizens and truly empowering every Zambian. God bless Zambia