Elite 49ers Fans ( 49 member max! Only the best get to stay )

Hey there ELITE...I decided to create this group because I'm personally tired of sifting through pictures of shoes and selfies to finally find a conversation about our beloved 49ers. I created this group to have "Intelligent and Informative" discussions only. If you have been invited to join this Elite Group....It's because I, or one of my Admins thinks you are a great fan and can bring something positive to the table. We have a TON of great and passionate fans...and this group is going to bring them all together. This will NOT be a huge group....only the ELITE get in.....but the topics and discussions brought to the table will be outstanding. We will LEARN from each others passion for our team.....without having to deal with the insanity our fan base loves to share. I do not want this group to deter you from enjoying the best 49ers Group on Facebook ( F.F.F. ), I just want you to have somewhere to go where only the "Elite" Fans go to chat about the best team on the planet. I don't have to have a rules page for the Group......you are the best fans we could find.....rules aren't necessary. Let the intelligent conversations begin!!! ENJOY!