Real Anonymous Denmark


Real Anonymous Denmark
Dictated by;

1 They created the Real Anonymous Denmark!

The industrial power.
pharmaceutical industry.
The media

Had these above, not Worked people with their Political Strategic Economic Criminal Energies during their censorship power.
Did not Need Anonymous.
They have created us Weeeeeeeeee .......

& Now we Systematic Clears up.
w.w.w. Commission on Human Rights and largest of our Mother Earth,

You learn not to think for themselves but, you are controlled by the system and is already pre-school class has the power over you, from birth until death occurs.
Do not think but becomes their tool.

Real Anonymous Denmark Stop!
You see shortly us in rebellion against the system, where we will be left standing in the media as error to hide their corruption / own fault.

Our proof starts from D. D.
These men do not conform to the Danish legislation and the European Norm.
Denmark's Top Powered by Criminal Policy Strategic Money Powers ww Proven.

Real Anonymous Denmark Open made the sale signed by Dong as politicians sat in conference on this in parliament, this is not a little remarkable?

2 Our goal and intention!
3 Ours, history!

Anonymous is active citizenship
Every living democracy developed through the recognition of active citizenship. Therefore hacktivisterne in Anonymous not nedliggøres as an internet phenomenon or a bunch of lawless hackers. Rather, they are the new generation's interpretation of how to exercise active citizenship

Shaping Your Future
We are Your Future
We are against Censorship

Real Anonymous Denmark
As Well As Perfect