Otaku Garden In Pakistan

Hello Everyone!Konichiwa Miinna-san! and Welcome to Otaku Garden in Pakistan, a group dedicated to Anime fans of Pakistan :)
A place where people can share about Anime, Manga, Cosplays, Vocaloids and more to their hearts content!

Feel free its a Garden with lots of wonderful people from all over the Pakistan who would love to have you here ヾ(^ ^ゞ
but since there are a lot of people, to keep the community safe from people who aren't welcomed we've made some rules which may prevent them. These RULES NEED TO BE FOLLOWED by the members of the community.

1. Hentai or anything similar is not allowed. Ecchi is fine as long as it's 'reasonable'.

2. The group is made to spread and share the love for anime and have fun. Refrain from abusive language and content.

3. Repect others and their opinions. Argue or discuss in a reasonable manner. sometimes it's better to just agree or disagree with someones opinion and move on.

4. No Religious fights or political discussion of any kind whatsoever! we'll be keeping an eye on whoever causes the trouble e.e with our Tsukiyome Eye Of The Moon something like this @_@

Most importantly - Have Fun (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

How we Interpret Rules:
a. Literal Rule - The words of rules will be given their plain English meaning.
b. Golden rule - What was the reason of the rule being made.
c. Contextual Rule - In this, we will look in what context was the rule made. Where the whole scenario behind the making of the rule will be considered rather than just the rule itself.

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