Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Fan Club

I own the II version of it and I love this lens so much that I desided to create this group :) It's really affordable and delivers such nice results...It's almost irresistable bargain (70 USD !!!) ...It's also light and compact...Works fine wide open...and if u chose to use lower stops...for example at f 2.2's perfect for portraiture...I also use it for making compressed landscapes...also perfect for panorama pictures because of the abscence of serious distortions (it's a normal lens after all) I use it with a Canon 350D Body...I'm simply fascinated :) Ofcourse with a crop factor of x1.6 the field of view is narrower than it should be,but I can live with that...I also own L lens with great sharpness at all f stops...but even now,for 90% of the pics I take,I use this amazing little lens :) I'd like to see how many people are as amazed as I am about the Canon 50mm f/1.8 ... no matter if you use the first or the second version :) Uploading pictures is welcome :) Best regards! :)